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Archaeology, Mongol empire, Chinggis khan

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  • Niigata University Faculty of Humanities, Assistant, 1994.05 - 1999.10

  • Niigata University Faculty of Humanities Course of Culture and Civilization, Associate Professor (as old post name), 1999.11 - 2006.03

  • Niigata University Center for Transdisciplinary Research, Professor, 2006.04 - 2011.03

  • Niigata University Institute for Research Promotion Center for Transdisciplinary Research, Professor, 2011.04 - 2013.09

  • Niigata University Graduate School of Modern Society and Culture Multicultural Studies, Professor, 2012.04 -

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External Career 【 display / non-display

  • Institute of History, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 1997.04 - 1999.03

Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification) 【 display / non-display

  • Archaeology


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • A Preliminary Report on the Japan-Mongolia Joint Archaeological Expedition at Avraga Site: the Great Ordu of Chinggis Khan., Noriyuki Shiraishi, Butmunkh Tsogtbaatar, Bonn Contribution to Asian Archaeology (Mongolia). , Vol.4, pp.551-564, 2009, English

    Research paper (international conference proceedings), Joint Work, Archaeology

  • Seasonal Migrations of the Mongol Emperors and the Peri-Urban Area of Kharakhorum., Noriyuki Shiraishi, International Journal of Asian Studies., Vol.vol.1, no.1, pp.105-119, 2004.12, English

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work

  • Seasonal Migrations of the Mongol Emperors and the Peri-Urban Area of Kharakhorum., Noriyuki Shiraishi, Studia Archaeologica,, pp.252-266, 2004.12, Other

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work

Books 【 display / non-display

  • Genghis khan and the Mongol empire, Fitzhugh,W., M.Rossabi, W.Honeychurch, N.Shiraishi et al., Smithsonian Institution, 2009, English

    Book (general), Joint Work, History of Asia and Africa, Archaeology

  • Beyond the Legacy of Genghis Khan., Komaroff,L., D.DeWeese, D.P.Little, M.Kramarovsky, R.Kauz, B.G.Fragner, N.Shiraishi, D.Huff, J.M.Smith,Jr., C.Melville, S.S.Blair, R.Hillenbrand, M.S.Simpson, E.Wright, E.Sims, J.M.Bloom, D.Kouymjinan, O.Watson, B.O’Kane, G.Saliba, J.Pfeiffer, T.Fitzherbert, A.Soudavar, D.Morgan,., Brill, 2006.12, English

    Scholarly Book, Joint Work

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 【 display / non-display

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A),2017.04 - 2022.03

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A),2015.04 - 2020.03

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A),2010.04 - 2015.03

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A),2006.04 - 2010.03

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C),2004.04 - 2006.03